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Queen Of Aerts

We have recently acquired the fantastic breeding services of non other than a daughter to the ORIGINAL Aerts Brothers Pitbull add-on to that she is dam to many winners already!


Jack of Aerts

Direct out of the “Queen Of Aerts” fantastic pitbull lines as close as you can get to the original blood

Kitsags Girl

Direct daughter of “Kitsag” who was the product of the fantastic pairing of “KITTEL” x “Saganne 2” you don’t get much better blood than this.

Welcome to Dragonfly Lofts

sprint pigeon stud

At Dragonfly lofts breeding pigeon stud our objective is to have the best possible current winning sprint pigeon lines available we are always looking to improve our stock selection and keep moving forward to bring you the best possible sprint pigeons.  Our mission is to create a formidable sprint pigeon stud in the uk when you the fancier can come and purchase the leading sprint pigeon lines at an affordable price from a uk pigeon stud this has led to us hunting for the EXCLUSIVE sprint pigeons to bring to our pigeon stud here in the uk and our current selection of super sprint pigeon blood is sure to become a force in the uk pigeon stud world we are ever-expanding our selection to include the best of the best from the sprint pigeon lines. we appeal to both the keen stock man who wishes to build his own sprint pigeon family using our pigeons and the racer who doesn’t keep stock but wishes to try out the best sprint pigeons currently doing the damage all over the world.

Carrying some of the best sprint pigeon lines from

Dirk Van Den Bulck, Patrick Boeckx, Leo Heremans, Aerts Brothers, Commeene Vandewalle, Jos Cools, Staff Van Reet, Rudy Van Reeth, Karel Laenen, Kris Van Massenhoven, J.J. Meeder, J.J. Hoogland

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Our Pigeon Family's

Dirk van den bulck

Dirk Van Den Bulck

Dirk Van den Bulck has won an impressive number of championship and ace pigeon titles in recent seasons, and not only in his own loft. Other fanciers from all over the world have benefited from the exceptional speed of the Van den Bulck pigeon breed as well.

Patrick Boeckx

Patrick Boeckx

In the National Championships of 2013 Patrick Boeckx kept the flag flying for the village by winning the title of 1st National Ace Speed Old Pigeons and Yearlings KBDB with the ‘Sagan’! A fantastic achievement for a fancier, who clearly values quality more than quantity, and who manages to keep everyone at arm’s length with his small colony.

Leo Heremans

Leo Heremans

He was the national champion at the sprint for young birds KBDB in 2010. He was the national champion sprint young birds KBDB and the first national Ace Pigeon Sprint Young Birds KBDB in 2012

Rudy Van Reeth

Rudy van reeth pigeons have become increasingly hard to get ahold of over the last years below are a selection of some of our Direct Rudy Van Reeths

Testimonials of our pigeon stud

John Farrell

Lads the one pigeon I purchased a few weeks ago a latebred that hasn't moulted a single flight. But I will make a big statement here and now that this pigeon will breed winner's in the near future. You keep breeding and producing birds like this at working man's prices and i for one can tell you that you'll find it hard to keep up with the demand. Well done tom and Andy a stud that you will here a lot of in the near future.

John Farrell sprint pigeon stud uk

Gary Thompson

Good luck for the future Andrew &Thomas you's have some outstanding sprint lines which will do the business no matter were they go ,, atb

Gary Thompson sprint pigeon stud uk

Mark Johnson

Some fantastic pigeons housed at the lofts super blood lines

Mark Johnson sprint pigeon stud uk

Mark Thomson

Great set of lads Andrew & Thomas invested in some great pigeons
Wish you's all the best

Mark Thomson sprint pigeon stud uk

Ronnie Bigwood


Ronnie Bigwood sprint pigeon stud uk

Ronnie Johnson

If I were starting back up in pigeons this would be the loft I would certainly put my trust in 2 of the most genuine lads I've ever had the pleasure to meet in this sport.if you talk to these lads you will see they are genuine and if you look at the team of birds they have put together they just ooze class with no expense spared,good luck Andy and Tom you both deserve success

Ronnie Johnson sprint pigeon stud uk

Michael Steele

These lads have some fantastic birds,and how ever gets there birds will not be disappointed in expense has been spared on these top blood lines.

Michael Steele sprint pigeon stud uk

Steven Fenech

These lads have a great team of birds big things are destined for these lofts

Steven Fenech sprint pigeon stud uk

Crehan O’connor

Great team of pigeons there lads. Good luck for the future.

Crehan O'connor sprint pigeon stud uk

Colin Asher

Fantastic lads with a super team of pigeons big things ahead good luck team

Colin Asher sprint pigeon stud uk

Anthony Thompson

if I was to start back up i would go no where else but here top quality birds and top gents

Anthony Thompson sprint pigeon stud uk