They have been competing for success for many years, but with the title of national ace pigeon young pigeons they reached their ultimate dream in 2015, being the fastest young pigeon in Belgium! And again in 2016!

Commeene Vandewalle

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The Special One

Little Luis (Commeene Vandeewall) X Zus. Asduif (Leo Heremans)

The sire is little luis who was 1st national ace sprint kbdb 2015 raced by comeene vandewalle this loft won 1st national ace sprint in both 2015 and 2016 this back to back 1st national ace victories has never been done before
Little luis was purchased by markus bauer and he went into joint breeding with leo heremans,leo mated little luis to full sister to his 1st province asduif hen 4 youngsters were taken from this mating leo put his 2 straight in to the stock loft markus took one and we were fortunate enough to purchase the last from this mating

Special Leo

The Special One (Commeene Vandewalle) X Xena (Leo Heremans)

Cracking cock from the paring of “The Special One” and “Xena”

“Xena” is a direct daughter of “Donkere Leo” when he was paired to a full sister to “Olympic Rosita”

Bellow are Commeene Vandewalle we use in racing kits

Mixed Sprint Racing Kit


  • 6 Sprint based youngbirds¬†
  • 2019

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