In the National Championships of 2013 Patrick Boeckx kept the flag flying for the village by winning the title of 1st National Ace Speed Old Pigeons and Yearlings KBDB with the ‘Sagan’! A fantastic achievement for a fancier, who clearly values quality more than quantity, and who manages to keep everyone at arm’s length with his small colony.. – Source: syndicatelofts

Patrick Boeckx

Night out with Patrick and Friends

Enjoying a night out with Patrick it doesn’t always have to be serious looking forward to introducing more of Patrick’s pigeons in 2019!

Children from the Exclusive selection of pigeons bellow start at £200

KitSags Girl

Direct daughter of “Kitsag” son of “Kittel” x “Saganne 2”

Direct from Patrick Boeckx KitSag the super breeder out of “Kittel” and “Saganne 2”

Lord Sagan

Sagan (Patrick Boeckx) x Full Sister Sagan (Patrick Boeckx)

Direct from Patrick Boeckx inbred to the “Sagan” 1st Nat Asduif KBDB 2013!

Lady Sagan

Sagan (Patrick Boeckx) X B13-6257802 (Patrick Boeckx)

Bred in the absolute purple

Sire is “Sagan” 1st Nat Asduif KBDB 2013!

Dam is B13-6257802 Winner of 1st, 2nd and 3rd on the road

Blue Boonen

Boonen (Patrick Boeckx) X B13-6257802 (Patrick Boeckx)

Sire is “Boonen” winner of 1st ace pigeon noyon Yearlings

Dam is B13-6257802 Winner of 1st, 2nd and 3rd on the road.

Princess Sagan

Halfbrother Sagan (Patrick Boeckx) x Full Sister Sagan (Patrick Boeckx)


Boonen (Patrick Boeckx) x Daughter Sagan (Patrick Boeckx)

Sire is “Boonen” winner of 1st Ace pigeon noyon Yearlings

Dam is Daughter “Sagan”

Breeder of Blyth Federation “Young Bird of the Year”.

Bellow are Patrick Boeckx Pigeons we use in racing kits

GB 17 D 46902

All the best national ace bloodlines contained in this cock

“KitSag”, “Saganne 2”, Son of “Brother Goede Rode”, Daughter of “Goede Rode” , “Brother of Vettel” all contained within this cocks pedigree

Willy Van Herck, Patrick Boeckx, Dirk Van Den Bulck

GB 17 D 46948

Very potent mix of sprint race winners contained here

“Pitbul”, “Brother Goede Rode”, “Blauwe Steffan”, “Sagan”, “Klein Duiverke”, “Blaze Nose”, “Scousers Girl”, “Sister Sagan”

Rudy Van Reeth, Karel Laenan, Dirk Van Den Bluck, Patrick Boeckx

Mixed Sprint Racing Kit


  • 6 Sprint based youngbirds 
  • 2019

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