Rudy van reeth pigeons have become increasingly hard to get ahold of over the last years bellow are a selection of some of our Direct Rudy Van Reeths

Children from the Exclusive selection of pigeons bellow start at £200


Super Value (Rudy Van Reeth) X Schoon Blauw(Karel Laenen)

Line bred to both the “777 Pitbul” of Karel Laenen and the original “Pitbul” of Gebr. Aerts

Halfzus Vince

Schoone Kittel (Rudy Van Reeth) X Witpen(Stefaan Lambrechts)

Half sister to “Vince” super crack best pigeon of the loft in 2018 ace pigeon in diamandverbond.


Broer Super Duivin(Rudy Van Reeth) X Vaaltje(Rudy Van Reeth)

Son of “Broer super duivin” full brother to the father of “512” 6th Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB 2018 for Dirk Van Den Bulck. Full brother to “De Super Duivin” Great bird won 6x Prizes in consecutive weeks up to 1000 Birds

Bellow are Rudy Van Reeth Pigeons we use in racing kits

Mixed Sprint Racing Kit


  • 6 Sprint based youngbirds¬†
  • 2019

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