Son of Blauwe Leo “Nero” paired to “Lady Maximus”

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Nero son of “Blauwe Leo”

Super “Blauwe Leo” blood pairing here we have “Nero” our son of “Blauwe Leo” when “Blauwe Leo” was paired to his own daughter! you cant get much more “Blauwe Leo” than that AND he is g/sire to federation winners! proven blood here!!

“Nero” is now paired to “Lady Maximus” who is a daughter of “Maximus” he is a son of “Blauwe leo” when “Blauwe Leo” was paired to a daughter of the one and only “Kittel” super breeding in this hen she is also related to “Expensive trigger” winner of:
1st UNC against over 11,000 birds

nero and lady maximus
Nero and Lady Maximus

Combined pedigree attached bellow!


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