Son of Broer Goede Rode X Inbred Kittel

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deal or no deal
Deal Or No Deal Son of Broer Goede Rode

Super special paring “Deal or no deal” son of the crack dirk van den bulck breeder Broer Goede Rode he is one of our UK exclusive sprint pigeons (believed to be the only one bred this way in the entire UK) he was a joint breeding between two Belgium sprinting superstars Dirk van den bulck and Rudy van reeth!

adel full sister to kittel
Adele Full Sister to Kittel
Owned by:Fenech Brothers

The hen “Deal or No Deal” is paired to for the first round is “Solus Prime” outstanding breeding inbred to the fantastic sprinter “Kittel” she is out of “Adele” full sister to “Kittel” and “De Val 41” he is out of a son of “Kittel” her

de val 41
De Val 41 Gson of Kittel
Owned by:Fenech Brothers

children have already shown
massive potential by only being beaten to 1st Federation by
loftmates and it was how they crossed the ETS pad. That was
the only difference.

Combined Pedigree Bellow —->


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