Total Pitbull! Co-breeding for Success!

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Search far and wide and you would struggle to find a pairing like this a son of Pitbull 777 paired with a daughter from the Original Pitbull of Aerts Brothers this type of breeding is normally reserved for our continental counterparts so when the opportunity arrived for Dragonfly lofts to purchase a Direct daughter to the world famous Original Pitbull who lets not forget is the G/sire to the super breeding Pitbull 777 of Rudy Van Reeths (Ex Karel Larenen) with the opportunity to send her to be paired to a direct son of the Pitbull 777 it was not to be missed.

Son of Pitbull 777 owned by:
S&C Watson & Son

The opportunity to send her to Stuarts and have her paired to his son of pitbull 777 for a few young birds was a fantastic for both lofts to create a pairing that is Exclusive for the UK I’d highly doubt you’d find a paring like this anywhere else in europe today

The young birds from this pair have already attracted wide-ranging interest and they are not even in the nest yet!
We’d like to thank our good friends S&C Watson & SonĀ for this opportunity to create this EXCLUSIVE sprint pigeon pairing!


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  1. Dragonflylofts
    brian alexander  January 27, 2019

    what an awesome hen this is some / most fanciers could only dream of


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